neevebrody (neevebrody) wrote in mcsheplets,

Challenge Ficlet - Of Ph.D.'s and Bow Ties (G)

Written for #4 Challenge - Weddings
Title:  Of Ph.D.'s and Bow Ties - 711 words
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers:  None
Legal:  Not Mine
Summary:  "Actually, I prefer honeymoons to weddings..."
Beta:  Thanks to velocitygrass for taking a quick look.  I fiddled with it after, so mistakes = mine.

"Rodney, aren't you ready yet?" John called into the bathroom.


"I am trying to figure out the damn tie," came Rodney's muffled response.


"Jeez, my ex-wife didn't take this long to get dressed," he said, leaning inside the doorway.  Rodney cut his eyes at his reflection in the mirror.


"Oh, how very amusing.  Just like you to mention something like that today," Rodney mumbled.  He turned to face John, his brows furrowed.  "You are not seriously wearing-- that?"  


John shrugged, "It's traditional."


"Oh no, no, no, no, no, that is so not fair.  How come you don't have to wear one of these monkey-suits?" he asked, waiving his hand.


"One of the perks of the military."  John smiled.  "It's always proper to wear your dress blues to any special occasion." 


Rodney scowled and turned back to the mirror.  He frowned as again, he failed to master the bow tie.


John looked at his watch.


"Do you think there'll be speeches?" Rodney asked.


"Are you kidding?  The first same sex civil union performed in Atlantis - I think you can count on it," John replied, then added, "You nervous?"


"Not really," he bluffed.  "How many Ph.D.'s do you suppose one needs to figure these things out," he fumed, but then John was behind him, picking up the ends of the tie.


"Here," he said softly, "you just have to come at it from the right angle."  He inched forward, brushing against Rodney, who immediately made feeble shooing motions at him.


"Do not start with that," but the corners of his mouth turned up despite his warning.  "You don't want to be late do you?"  John tied the tie perfectly, let his hands fall to Rodney's waist and leaned in close.


"Actually, I prefer honeymoons to weddings," he purred into Rodney's ear, turning him around and taking his mouth in a slow, scorching kiss.  John's lips were insistent, pulling at him, and the heat from his body combined with the fragrance of his cologne and that "John" smell would undo Rodney if he let it, but--


"Mmmmph… John, come on, they'll be waiting for us," Rodney protested, but not wanting to let go, he pulled him in again. 


"So--," Rodney asked, catching his breath, "you think they'd miss us if we didn't show up?"


John mouthed across his temple.  "Yeah, I'm pretty sure we have to be there."


Reluctantly, Rodney turned back to the mirror.  "See, now look--" but John reached in again to straighten the tie.


"God, I hope I don't have to give a speech," Rodney's voice was tight.


"The best man always gives a speech," John said as he hugged Rodney, nudging his chin into the crook of his shoulder.


"And, just how was it I came by that honor again?"


"Because, Dr. Löfgren has a deep respect for you - you know, she's always taking up for you.  I heard she wouldn't have anyone else."


"Hmmm, yes."  Rodney grimaced; he was attempting to do something, anything with his hair.  "What I don't understand is how they can get married, anyway.  Isn't Armstrong from the US?  I thought--"


"She resigned her commission, Rodney.  She's a civilian now.  Plus, her home state recognizes civil unions," John said softly, nosing Rodney's ear.


"Right."  Rodney sighed, cupping John's cheek.  "I don't suppose that gives you any ideas?"


"Rodney, you know I can't--"


"Yes, yes-- I know."  He bent his head to John's.  They gazed at each other in the mirror.


"Cheer up," John said finally, "there's an election coming up.  You never know, the next administration might just be the one to change things."


"Yeah, like you'd marry me."  A sudden sincerity flashed in their eyes.


"Well-- if you keep your nose clean, find a fool-proof way to protect us all from the bad guys, discover an unlimited power source, and learn to cook - I just might, Rodney-- I just might."


Rodney snorted a laugh, and it was his turn to kiss John, backing him up until the wall stopped them, all thoughts of ties and speeches and weddings secondary to the simple pleasure of having John's mouth on his, John's body against his.


"Mmmm," John moaned.


"Right," Rodney whispered between kisses, "we are gonna be so late."

Tags: author: neevebrody, challenge: 04 - weddings, genre: established relationship, pairing: john/rodney, rating: g

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