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fic, Candles, R, challenge #46 Anticipation

Hi. First time poster in this comm. Hope I wasn't too off the mark. ^__^

Title: Candles
Author: kurenai_neko
Pairing: Sheppard/Mckay
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't charge me, it wasn't my fault
Summary: Sometimes wishes do come true.
Notes: Written for the McSheplets' challenge #46 Anticipation. I know I know, obvious.
Word count: 469

He had already seen the bag of wrapping paper and string, the little box of prank candles courtesy of the Daedalus. He was annoyed to find the conversations stopping when he entered the room and snickers behind his back. He knew it had something to do with his birthday, but too many bad high school memories made things all the more difficult to handle.
And then there was Sheppard. Long time love interest, some time lover, and an all out tease. Not a single touch for days and all of a sudden, there the oh-so-cocky Colonel is, everywhere Rodney turns. A touch, a smirk. Passing whispers of “You'd look good bent over the desk” or “I'd love to fuck you in the restroom”. McKay isn't sure if his dick hasn't been hard since birth or if it's a new thing.

Three days. That's what the bastard had said when they past in the hallway, heading for their separate quarters.

The accidental-touches-in-passing and whispered words continued, not ending with McKay choking on the mac-'n-'cheese during “I bet I could make you come right here, and no one would know unless you made a sound”.

A note was left in his laptop when he got back to the lab after dinner. “Two days to...”
Knowing Shepperd it would be good.

Then there was that Wraith attack combined with Atlantis deciding to go on hiatus on a Replicator ship and Rodney didn't have time to be aroused and Sheppard didn't have time to tease him.

The morning of his birthday saw McKay tiredly clasping a faded white coffee mug for dear life, afraid to spill the precious content before it reached his mouth. He didn't see the smirk or the hair or hear the too-light-for-army-boots steps, and then there was Sheppard's lips against his ear.

“I'll be on my knees for you, swallowing you down. Tonight.” and Rodney spew hot coffee over the desk and choked on the black liquid.

The day dragged on and Rodney fidgeted and ranted and was annoyed, and Sheppard just smirked. Books and memory cards and that DVD box for that series he liked, but couldn't remember the name of thanks to John, flew out of wrapping paper. Cake was eaten and toasts turned into drunkenness for some soldiers.

And before he knew it, he sat naked on his bed, back arched, one hand bracing him. John's tongue traced his cock before that wicked mouth took him in, tongue circling the head, touching all the right places. Then John started humming around him and Rodney saw stars.

Tags: author: kurenai_neko, challenge: 46 - anticipation, pairing: john/rodney, rating: r
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