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Challenge #47 Fic: Fixing cars and other things. NC-17.

Title: Fixing cars and other things
Author: velocitygrass
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1465
Summary: I'd blame it on you insisting on buying a 'classic', but I know the car is perfectly fine. Why do I know this? Because I fixed it at least half a dozen times already!
Note: Let's pretend that cars are part of the home ;)

Fixing cars and other things

"What the hell is wrong with you? You can't drive anywhere without breaking this thing. I'd blame it on you insisting on buying a 'classic', but I know the car is perfectly fine. Why do I know this? Because I fixed it at least half a dozen times already!"

John's mouth did that thing that looked like he was about to whistle or kiss Rodney, except it was also a bit of a pout. "I could just take it to a repair shop," he eventually said, making a disappointed face.

Rodney rolled his eyes. "Oh, for God's... just give me a minute to change."

John's face lit up, even though he seemed to try to suppress a smile.


"I don't get this," Rodney said when he found the problem.

"You can't fix it?" John asked doubtfully.

"No, of course I can fix it. I just don't get how this could happen."

"Does it matter?" John asked lightly, handing him just the right tool. He always hovered around Rodney when he was fixing John's car. Which really was the least he could do, but still kind of nice and actually helpful.

Rodney only hmmmed while he worked on the issue. He could feel John's happy energy from behind him, but he wouldn't let it (and the promise of great thank you sex) distract him from what he felt increasing alarm about.

When he was done, he turned to John. "I think someone's trying to kill you," Rodney said seriously.

John's face fell so fast it would have been comical in a different situation. "No, Rodney," he said quickly.

"These things don't happen. Look, I checked this car less than a month ago. Everything was perfectly fine. Somebody did this on purpose."

"Rodney," John said, shoulders falling.

"I know you don't want to hear it. We're back on Earth, not in small part to avoid exactly this kind of thing, but maybe... maybe it's someone who found out about our involvement with some valuable technology."

John just gave him a defeated look.

"Or... well, I know that nobody's been openly hostile here, but not everyone's happy about two guys living together together in their neighborhood and—"

"Okay, stop," John said, lifting a hand.

"I won't stop. You're in danger, dammit. And I'm not going to lose you!"

"You won't," John simply said.

"Except that someone's obviously tampered with your car."

"Rodney," John said plaintively, shuffling his feet.

Huh. "You?" Rodney asked. John didn't immediately protest, which was confirmation enough. "I... what? How? Why?!"

John looked at the ground, then at the wall. "It's just..."

Rodney had installed pretty good lights in their garage to be able to work here and even though John wasn't exactly flushing, the pointy tips of his ears were definitely a darker shade than the rest.

Rodney tried to make sense of this. "Is... is this is about the thank you sex? You do know that you don't have to use an excuse to be grateful. Feel free to express your gratitude at any time. Thank me for... being the light of your life," he said smirking.

John gave him a glare, but it turned into a shy smile, which quickly turned into a not at all shy smile. He gave Rodney a heated look, gaze wandering down Rodney's body and back up. Then he licked his lips.

Rodney looked down at the ratty old t-shirt he was wearing and the jeans that were close to falling apart. His so-old-they're-only-useful-to-get-dirty clothes. "Seriously?" he asked John. The clothes were a bit tighter than what he usually wore and so thin in places that they were almost see-through, but he still found it hard to believe that John would go to such lengths just to see him in them.

John nodded and stepped closer. "It's this," he grabbed Rodney's ass, "and this," pushed the shirt just a bit up, "and bending over," he moved up and pressed his face into Rodney's neck, "and getting your hands dirty." He took one of said hands and pulled it to his groin where Rodney could feel the effect he had on John.

Rodney moved his head, seeking John's mouth and finding it eagerly waiting for Rodney. John kissed him hot and dirty, pushing him back onto the hood of the car.

"You know I could wear this more often in my free time," Rodney panted between kisses when John nibbled on his ear and did things with his tongue that should be disgusting but were really hot.

"Would you be bending over things?"

It was hard to answer when John kissed him again, but eventually he allowed Rodney to say, "You can bend me over whatever you want."

"Fuck," John said with feeling, pushing against him.

"That too," Rodney said. "How about now? How about over the hood of your car? Would you like—" He couldn't finish the sentence when John took possession of his mouth again and opened up Rodney's fly. He pushed down his boxers until he could give Rodney's hard dick a good squeeze and then turned Rodney around so that he was leaning on the hood.

"What can we use to... Maybe—"

"Don't even think about it! There'll be nothing in my ass that goes into this car. Except you. Can't you—"

"Yes, right," John quickly said into his neck, kissing his cheek. "Don't move," he ordered, giving Rodney's dick another squeeze before he ran out.

Rodney slumped on the hood of the car. Damn, he loved how they could still get hot and bothered over each other. For a second he wondered if he was getting old and prudish for insisting that John fetch them some lube. Then again, here he was, dick hanging out, bend over the hood of a car, waiting to be fucked. He was probably good.

John returned in lightning speed and resumed his position behind Rodney. "Can we do this again some time?" he asked.

Rodney turned his face around to see him. "I don't see why not," he said.

"Then I'll just..." John gave a Rodney a look that said, 'I need to fuck you now.'

Rodney nodded, braced his arms on the hood and tried to spread his legs, which didn't really work with these pants, even if they were hanging below his ass. "Let me..." He pushed down the pants and managed to get them off after stepping out of his shoes too.

John started laughing.

"I think you'll be happy for the space to maneuver," Rodney said with a glare.

John simply unzipped and took out his hard cock. "Very," he said.

Rodney licked his lips and turned around again, bracing his arms on the car.

John made quick work of the preparation and pushed himself into Rodney in no time at all. And fuck it felt good. This wasn't necessarily the most comfortable sex they'd ever had, but there was something deliciously decadent about it.

John took Rodney's dick in his hand and started jerking him off. It wasn't teasing, just like the pounding rhythm of his hips had only one goal. To make them come as quickly as possible.

"You have no idea how much I love your ass," John said between grunts.

"I think I do have an idea," Rodney said, moaning when John hit his sweet spot. "Fuck, yes."

John pushed into him single-mindedly. The sweat on Rodney's hands made him lose his grip on the hood, but John caught him, putting the hand that wasn't jerking Rodney off on the hood and leaning closer. He kissed the back and side of Rodney's neck. "I want you to come," he said. Then he did something with his thumb on the head of Rodney's cock and pushed into him just right.

Rodney groaned and came, pulsing onto the sleek metal of the hood even as John kept fucking him through it until he came himself, calling out Rodney's name. Afterwards, he leaned against Rodney's back, mindful not to put his complete weight on him as they caught their breaths.

Rodney loved this moment, their bodies still vibrating with the force of their orgasm. He could feel John breathing. Then John moved his hands down his body and pulled carefully out.

"I'm not going to clean up the car," Rodney said, turning around, still a bit breathless.

John snorted. He removed the condom and carried it over to the trash can. "I don't expect you to," he said when he came back, smiling widely. He leaned forward to kiss Rodney more softly now.

"No more breaking your car for me to fix it, okay?" Rodney told him when he pulled back.

"Okay. I'll just have you fix me directly from now on," John agreed with a grin.

Tags: author: velocitygrass, challenge: 47 - home improvement, genre: established relationship, genre: pwp, pairing: john/rodney, rating: nc-17

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