goddess47 (goddess47) wrote in mcsheplets,

Challenge 5: Honesty is Overrated

Title: Honesty is Overrated

Author: Goddess47

Rating: R

Warnings/Spoilers: No specific spoilers

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard/Other

Summary: For Challenge #5: Competition - My take on the only explanation possible for Tabula Rasa but not necessarily a spoiler for that episode.

In that time between satiation and sleep, Katie was sometimes honest with herself. She nuzzled into Rodney's neck as she settled in for sleep and wasn't startled as his hand settled on her hip, reaching across Rodney to touch her also. The calluses of that hand were becoming a familiar touch, one she had learned to recognize.

That moment of honesty reminded her that if she didn't share - didn't share Rodney with him - then she'd have nothing. For while Rodney wanted her, kissed her senseless, asked her to stay, there was no doubt that if she forced him to chose, who he would chose.

As she fell asleep – they both would be gone by morning - she ignored that little bit of her heart that broke when she was honest with herself and clung to the delusion that she was happy this way.

Tags: author: goddess47, challenge: 05 - competition, genre: angst, pairing: threesome, rating: r

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