October 20th, 2007


Reminder for challenge #4 (Weddings) and poll for #5

The weddings challenge is still open until Monday!

For challenge #5, since it falls around Halloween, I thought of a horror theme, specifically relationship horrors. I should not that even though relationship horrors are the theme for this poll, the challenges will be general (i.e. for The Ex, ex-job will work, too). So go and vote. *keeps fingers crossed for her not so secret favorite*

Again, winner will be next challenge on Monday. You can vote for more than one.
Poll #1074486 mcsheplets5

Which prompt would you like to see as the fifth challenge?

The Ex
Competition (aka the Cockblocking option)
esspresso cups

Challenge Ficlet: The Ceremony

Written for #4 Challenge - Weddings
Title:  The Ceremony - 2,220 words
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers:  None
Legal:  Not Mine
Summary:  Rodney was pleased, at least, to see that no one was dressed in ancient druidical attire, wore flowers in their hair or was naked…
Beta:  Un-beta'd so all errors are my own

My second effort for this challenge and I just couldn't resist this one.


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