January 14th, 2008

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Challenge fic #10 'No Shelter' (PG)

Author: Devera
Title: No Shelter (Challenge #10 - Resignation)
Rating: PG
Words: 550 approx

Summary: That's life in the Pegasus Galaxy for you.

Note: Deliberately no mention of the actual event/issue, so could be set anywhere in S2/S3... I was kind of (unsuccessfully) playing with mood and metaphor. Hope this isn't too late!

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Challenge #10 Fic: Show... don't tell (PG)

Title:  Show... don't tell  - Sequel to Don't Ask
Author:  neevebrody
Pairing:  McKay/Sheppard
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  1,780
Legal:  The boys are so not mine, neither are the jumpers
Notes:  As always, many thanks to velocitygrass for the beta
Summary: Sequel to Don't Ask, what happened when John got to the mainland:  Not that he didn't want to do this, he'd just always thought he'd make his move when the time was right.  But with someone else interested... John knew the time was right, now.

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Challenge #10 Fic: Giving up. John/Rodney. PG.

Title: Giving up
Author: velocitygrass
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 4x11 Be All My Sins Remember'd
Word count: 642
Summary: "I know that you don't really like to talk about yourself." John's eyes widened, but Rodney pressed on. Tag to "Be All My Sins Remember'd".
Note: Thanks to neevebrody for betaing and to quasar273 for her notes!

ETA: Comments include spoilers for 4x13!

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Challenge #11: Seduction

It's Monday and time for a new challenge. (As always, you can still post as long as it's the 14th somewhere in the world.)

It turned out to be a close race again. In the end I flipped a virtual coin. Challenge #11 is:


\o/ PORN!

No wait, you can be seduced in other ways. There's the dark side, chocolate, those playful things that they get up to and that Elizabeth or Sam have to put up with... or simple things like staying in bed on a Sunday morning.

So let's get it on with the power of Rodney's hands or John's thigh-holster or dress blues or neck or whispered words and little touches...

Challenge closes January 28th 2008. Have fun!

If you have ideas for the next prompt, please post them here. I'm collecting them for future use.