May 19th, 2008

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Challenge Fic: Breakfast at the Millers (G)

Written for the #19 Challenge - Intoxication

Title:  Breakfast at the Millers
Word Count: 1,560
Rating:  G
Warnings:  None
Legal:  So not mine
Notes:  This is NOT the fic I wanted to post, but the other one's not finished yet and has grown waaay past a mcsheplet anyway so it'll be on my journal.  This is a little something inspired by velocitygrass
Summary:  "... I guess you're right.  Mer has been different the last couple of times I've seen him.  But still, I don't think last night would have happened without all that wine.  I just can't imagine Mer doing something like that in front of me—in front of us—"

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