July 29th, 2008

Joe/David, RPS

Challenge #24 Fic: Little Moments. Joe/David. PG.

Warning: This is RPS!

Title: Little Moments
Author: velocitygrass
Pairing: Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, implied Joe/Katherine and David/Jane
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: None of this happened. It's all made up, fantasy, not real.
Warnings: Partner Betrayal
Word count: 629
Summary: Those where the types of things he could get on such days, little moments in a life that put everything else first.
Note: Many thanks to neevebrody for the beta and for so enjoying my Joe/David fics (if that is the right word ;)! Part of my "Ever Fallen in Love?" universe.

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Challenge #25: Envy

It's Monday and time for a new challenge. (As always, you can still post as long as it's the 28th somewhere in the world. Really, even a drabble would be cool!)

Challenge #25 is:


Even though Wikipedia explains that Envy and Jealousy are not the same thing, I'll gladly declare jealousy within the scope of this challenge ;)

Tell us about John's feelings when he sees Rodney awkwardly flirting or maybe Rodney once again bitching about John being with a woman (only to have John snap and tell him that he only has to ask). What other things do they wish they could have? An Ancient Gene as powerful as John's? His hair? Ronon's gun? Rodney's intelligence? Or maybe someone else is envious of their relationship, possibly enough to threaten it?

Challenge closes August 11th 2008. Have fun!