July 27th, 2009

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Challenge #51 Handy Fic: Handy Man

Title: Handy Man
Pairing: McShep
Disclaimer: SGA peeps are owned by buttheads other than myself. *.*
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: written for mcsheplets challenge 51: Handy
Word Count: 460
Notes: unbeta'd. Connected to Moving Day verse, would probably benefit from reading that first, but can stand on its own.

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Challenge #51: Handy

It's Monday and time for a new challenge. (As always, you can still post as long as it's the 27th somewhere in the world.)

Challenge #51 is:


The Sims 3 in its description of this trait focuses on how it improves repairing and upgrading objects. While this is all well and good (and fits our Rodney), I'll give you the Merriam-Webster definition, which allows a wider (and smuttier ;) interpretation:

1 a: conveniently near b: convenient for use c of a ship: easily handled
2: clever in using the hands especially in a variety of useful ways

Tell us about the time [insert object of your choice] came in handy, or when John or Rodney or both were very, very clever with their hands :)

Challenge closes August 10th 2009. Have fun!
McShep -  transporter

PG13 slash - Perfect - John/Rodney (SGA)

Title: Perfect
Author: Tarlan (tarlanx)
Rating: PG13 slash McKay/Sheppard
Disclaimer: Not Mine!
Word Count: ~700
Summary: Having Rodney in his arms was perfect.
Author's Note: Tag to First Contact/The Lost Tribe
For mcsheplets Prompt 050 Return and fanfic100 Prompt 098. Writer's Choice

Perfect by Tarlan