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Fic - Ten minutes nc-17

Author: melagan
Title: Ten Minutes
Rating: nc-17
Written for Blowjob Friday. All mistakes=mine
Word count: 476

They don't even get their clothes off. Everyone else has departed the jumper and John and Rodney have ten minutes before they'll be whined at by Woolsey to get to the conference room. It’s not the first time they’ve heard him say, "Everyone here is waiting gentlemen."

But god, ten minutes. There's a lot they can do in ten minutes. They’ve gotten good at this. Very good.

For the last hour John's has had his hands all over Rodney. He claimed it was to teach him some new flying techniques but Rodney wasn’t fooled. Not at all. Not with John’s hot breath on the back of his neck or with John’s hands over his, and certainly not with Sheppard’s body - lean, warm and heavy against his side.

They could have been doing tilt-a-whirl’s around the moons for all Rodney was able to concentrate.

Rodney managed to look up at John just once that whole time.

John’s thick, black lashes were shuttered over lowered eyes and he was so beautiful Rodney had to remind himself to breathe. Then John’s tongue peeked out between the curves of his mouth in a goofy smile. It was a combination of innocent and naughty that described Sheppard to a 'T', not to mention how it made Rodney’s heart do funny things.

Ten minutes wasn’t long enough but it would do.


“Rodney, god, your hands. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. All I could think about is how they’d feel….”

“Oh, you mean like this?” Rodney had John’s belt undone and yanked it, with Sheppard’s pants, down in one smooth movement.

“Yeah, tha… nnnghhh.”

“Can’t talk now Colonel. Mouth full.”

Rodney tried not to grin when he felt fingers curl hard into his shoulders as John tried to keep his balance. He pulled John closer, sucking him in deep while working his throat and tongue with exactly the right amount of pressure. Rodney could time John’s orgasm to hit in eight minutes thirty seconds and they’d still have time to pull themselves together and make it to the transporter.

“C’mon Rodney, do it. Jack yourself off. I don’t want to be the only one coming here.”

It really was a brilliant idea and Rodney fumbled his pants open without once breaking his oral rhythm.

Five minutes

He’d have to revise his estimate. Sheppard always did that to him with his hot, little moans and the way his hips stuttered forward, fucking into Rodney’s mouth. Rodney was so hard now he had to squeeze his cock to keep from blowing his own timetable.

Three minutes

“Oh god, Rodney, let me …I’m gonna….”


As it turns out, it’s not humanly possible for one Dr. Rodney McKay to keep from coming with John Sheppard’s taste in his mouth.

They did indeed, make it to the meeting in plenty of time.


Tags: author: melagan, genre: pwp, rating: nc-17

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