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Challenge #75 ficlet: Not Just. John/Rodney. G.

Title: Not Just
Author: velocitygrass
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: G
Warnings/Content notes: (skip) None that I'm aware of
Spoilers: through season 5
Word count: 471
Summary: When John entered in full dress blues, Rodney could feel every military member in the room and some of the civilians stand a little bit straighter.

Not Just

Among the things that Rodney McKay found very annoying were constantly cheerful people. What went for people in general should have gone doubly so for forty-four-year-old Lieutenant Colonels that were positively giddy. But it was hard to be annoyed by John when he was just do damn happy.

Ever since he'd learned of his promotion to full bird Colonel, John had been walking around Atlantis with a wide smile on his face that threatened to turn into a grin at any moment. Worst of all, it was infectious. Rodney found himself surrounded by people that were smiling in support of their Military Leader. And instead of deriding it, Rodney basked in it almost as much as John.

He was still happy when the ceremony finally came. Back when John had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, the brass had decided to have a very small informal ceremony to be diplomatic towards those that weren't happy with the decision. So Rodney hadn't been there. Now the ceremony took place in the gateroom of Atlantis.

When John entered in full dress blues, Rodney could feel every military member in the room and some of the civilians stand a little bit straighter. Rodney didn't, though he could feel the pride in his chest that his friend was honored in this way—as he deserved. There was another unexpected feeling though.

Rodney realized that it must have been the horrible circumstances that had prevented him from seeing how hot John looked in dress blues. The thought should have been disturbing, but instead Rodney remembered how Jeannie had asked him if he'd had any success in finding someone new. He hadn't been able to explain to her why he wasn't even looking. Now he knew.

There was a short party after the official ceremony, but John fled sooner than Rodney would have expected. He followed him to his room.

"I need to get out of these," John commented as he entered.

"Why?" Rodney blurted out as he followed him in.

John turned and raised an eyebrow.

"I mean, if there's ever an occasion..." Rodney stumbled out, feeling his face turn red.

"Well, yeah, but I really prefer something more casual," John said, looking at Rodney with narrowed eyes.

Rodney only mumbled something incoherent and looked up and down John's body, gesturing vaguely.

A smile spread over John's face. Then he came closer until they stood face to face with only inches between them. Rodney's heart beat loudly in his chest as John leaned even closer. Before their lips could meet, John pulled back again. His smile turned more serious for a moment.

"Tell me it's not just the uniform," he said.

"Not just," Rodney said quietly, looking up from said uniform to meet John's gaze. Then he closed his eyes as they both leaned in.
Tags: author: velocitygrass, challenge: 75 - pride, genre: first time, genre: fluff, pairing: john/rodney

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