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Announcing "Still in love...with John/Rodney", a McSheplets Fest

On January 9th, it will be three years since the last episode of Stargate Atlantis has aired in the US. While it was the end of new canon for the characters (except for Rodney's appearance on SGU), John, Rodney, and the others continue to live on in fandom.

"Still in love...with John/Rodney" is about showing that our love for their relationship is still going strong, just as their love for each other continues to be expressed in creations of all kind.

I'd like to invite you to celebrate what we love about the relationship between John and Rodney in March 2012. Writers and artists can sign-up for a day and I'll post special entries for all of us to share our favorite things about the couple.

The Schedule

January 3rd 2012 - Sign-ups begin and prompts can be given
March 1st 2012 - Fest will start
March 1st 2012 - Special post: Our favorite John/Rodney moments on the show
March 10th 2012 - Special post: Our favorite things in John/Rodney fandom (rec us your favorite!)
March 20th 2012 - Special post: Our favorite John/Rodney moments on the show—The Pic Spam Edition!
March 31st 2012 - Fest will end

What to post in the Fest

I'd love to see the wide range of what John/Rodney fan creations can be about.

Often the starting point for canon-based fic these days ist post-series fic, but episode tags for any episode are very welcome. There could be missing scenes, what ifs. You could simply take canon and tell us how John and Rodney got together or maybe let us take a glimpse into their lives when they are already in an established relationship.

Of course there are the various AU possibilities, from alternate timelines in which only a few things are different to total AUs with no Stargate at all or historical, fantasy, or futuristic AUs. You could write or vid or draw the boys into different shows in crossovers as well.

In addition to the endless possibilities of fiction, vids, podfics, and art, you can also write an essay about their relationship (or an aspect of it). Have you chronicled all their touches and always wanted to write your analysis of that? I'd love to see it! Meta about John/Rodney fanfic or art would be welcome too (like "Pining Rodney vs pining John and how their stories unfold in fanfic").

More specific rules are in the sign-up post.


For those of you who prefer to work from prompts and those who like to give prompts, I posted a separate entry where you can post prompts, ideas, and requests. These will serve as inspiration. Writers and artists are not required to choose a prompt and the prompts won't be assigned (though you can answer to a prompt and tell us if you're going to write it).

Let others know

I will announce the Fest on mckay_sheppard, but it would be great if you could spread the word to those who are not on that community. To that end you can use either the small banner above or this large one:

Just let people know who might be interested and direct them to this post so that they can join in the fun.

If you like the banner, I've created a large (1920x1080) wallpaper sized version to snag.

You can post questions or comments related to the Fest on this post. Thank you!
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