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Table ficlet 'Lucky' (R) by Anneko

Author: Anneko
Title: Lucky
Rating: R
Summary: John and Rodney go to a parallel universe and get lucky.
Note: Table ficlet, prompt a surprise (unless you've been to my blog)
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Feedback: Is lovely

It was possible that the sex wasn't perfect, but Rodney was pretty sure it was. Not that he'd had any recent experience to compare it to... he hadn't gotten laid since-- well...

And she was fabulous. She had short hair-- not blonde, but that was fine, she was hotter as a brunette anyway-- and firm breasts, and a lazy smile with eyes that promised the kind of untold delights women *never* promised him. She was flirtatious, and when you got down to it, aggressive.

And they barely knew each other, and that never happened to Rodney, either.

He wondered briefly how John was getting on with the other girl-- Mary, he thinks her name is-- but he puts those thoughts out of his head, because it shouldn't be so easy to fall into that mental picture, and if he was going to picture it, he should be putting himself in *John's* place, not hers.

It was too bad they were in a parallel universe, because looking at Jo, it was all too easy to believe that he might, *might* fall in love with her. For the first time in his life, he met a girl, a woman, and she was so easy to talk to, like he'd known her for years.

Then again, once the four of them made the trek back to the ring and got to this universe's Atlantis, they could find their counterparts and figure something out and get home. Rodney still wasn't sure how they'd done it, and John couldn't make the nly piece of Ancient tech they had with them work. Another Sam Carter was in charge here. He probably should have been salivating over the idea of a second Sam, but he wasn't. And if there was something not-quite-perfect about Jo, he couldn't put a name to it.

In the morning, John shot him the 'you get lucky?' look. To which the answer was obviously 'yes', because if Jo hadn't wanted to have (very hot, very enthusiastic) sex with Rodney, the two women would have shared one tent and he and John the other.

They kept on hiking for the better part of the morning. Luckily for Rodney, the other girl-- and he was pretty sure Jo had called her 'Mary', but she hadn't been so easy to talk to, so Rodney had kind of avoided her, and she was sort of obnoxious even if he had to admit she was really smart-- had carried a lot of extra food. Finally they reached the ring, and Jo contacted the 'gateroom to tell them they had a couple of guests.

A blond man in uniform greeted them when they came through. Then Jo called him 'Sam'. Rodney felt dizzy and slightly sick.

"Wait-- *you're* Sam Carter?"

"Yes." He nodded, the same tight, do-you-have-a-history-of-mental-insanity smile in place that he knew all too well from their Carter. "Who are you?"

"Dr. Rodney McKay."

"Mer and I found these guys while we were checking the ruins on MX7-342." Jo said. "From what we could gather, they come from a parallel universe, they described Atlantis to a T-- except... didn't you say Colonel Carter was in charge there, too?"

"Yes." John said. "*She* is."

"Meredith, could you--" Man-Carter started.

Rodney interrupted. "Your name is *Meredith*?"

"What if it is?" She shook him off and followed Carter out of the room, their conversation continuing.

Rodney grabbed John, talking in a whisper. "Did you... ah, with her...?"


"And I... ah, with--" He looked across the room. Jo was watching the hallway that Carter had just dragged her friend down, hands on hips, too-familiar tilt to her head, too-familiar everything... "I think we slept with each other last night."


"Think about it."

John did. "That's ridiculous. Just because Carter is a man in this universe-- I'm sure it's a common name! And just because you're both named Meredith and she's also... a genius astrophysicist... with hypoglycemia... and a deadly citrus allergy... and your sense of humour and oh crap, I did, didn't I?"

"We both did."

"What are we going to do about it? I mean, is it awkward, or...?"

"I don't know!" Rodney flailed. "Is it?"

Jo noticed. And because clearly things weren't awkward enough, she came over. "What's up, fellas?"

"My... my first name, is, ah, my name is--"


"No. It's Meredith. Rodney is my middle name."

"And it's occured to us that if you've got a man named Sam Carter and a woman named Meredith..." John looked her over. "Ah... yeah."

"Oh. Crap." She did the same. Then she looked over at Rodney. "Oh. Oh crap. Um... look, as far as guys from alternate dimensions go, you're pretty great, but it's dawned on me that I might just be a lesbian. I should go now. And, um. Yeah."

She left. Fast. Rodney sighed.

"Just great. I meet a woman, I click with her, things happen, and I turn her into a lesbian. Typical."

"Idiot." John cuffed him lightly upside the head. "You didn't turn her into a lesbian. Meredith did. She loves her."

"What? From just that, you got-- How do you--?"

"Well, for all the time we haven't spent together, I think I know her pretty well." He shrugged.

"Oh. Oh! Oh..."

"So... when we get this whole thing sorted out... you wanna do something?"

"If by 'something', you mean you, then that is exactly what I would like to do. When we've got everything. Sorted. Out."

"Excellent." John smiled at him. The promisey kind.


(for the prompt 'genderfuck')

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