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Challenge 13: Late Delivery (G)

Title: Late Delivery

Author: goddess47

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: Future!Fic; sap

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Summary: Mail delivery is a tad slow in the Pegasus galaxy

"Whatcha got there?" John leaned over Rodney's shoulder to look at the papers in Rodney's hands. "Real honest to god mail? On paper?"

Rodney nodded. "It only took," he calculated in his head, "five months to get here. It had to have bounced around Earth before it got to Atlantis where it then took probably a dozen more courier hops before it was delivered."

"Email would have been faster," John conceded.

"But, look. It's from Mervin and Melville and, well, I suspect Madison wanted us to have these," Rodney replied proudly.

"Good things those kids don't live here," John laughed, "they'd have a complex." Mervin and Melville were Rodney's names for Madison's 8 year old twins, Meredith -- a proper girl's name this time -- and Matthew -- after their dad's grandfather. John never quite figured out where Rodney got the names from but the kids readily answered to the nicknames.

"They could have brought it themselves in less time than it took these to get here," Rodney huffed. "They could have walked, for heaven's sake!"

John put his hands on Rodney's shoulders, squinted -- he should have let Rodney talk him into getting his eyes looked at by the kid Keller had trained as a replacement -- and read the obviously hand drawn card, "Happy Valentine's Day to Uncle Mer and Uncle John." Rodney shuffled the pages and John read, "Look up."

"What?" Rodney muttered, confused.

"Rodney. Look up from the page," John said softly, with laughter in his voice.

Two grinning children stood in the doorway. "Surprise!" they shouted together.

"You! Both of you, get over here!" Rodney demanded. They scrambled across the room and landed in his lap. Rodney hugged them both and John leaned in to get his share. "So, where's your mother? Hiding in the back room?"

"She's visiting Aunt Teyla and sent us on," Mervin, no, Meredith John said firmly in his head, told them. "She'll be here in a couple of days."

Rodney rolled his eyes, "She let you two out alone? Without giving the galaxy warning that she was letting you loose?" He shook his head. "What is the world coming to?"

"No good, obviously," John supplied. "Come on, let's settle you in and see what's for dinner."

After dinner was an impromptu astronomy lesson in the back yard when Melville/Matthew asked Rodney about binary stars. Rodney knew where to find one in the night sky and Mervin winked at John as she took his hand to watch Rodney enthuse about the view they had.

After the kids were tucked into bed and admonished not to stay up all night reading, John and Rodney crawled into their own bed. Rodney settled into John's arms and said, "Thank you. And don't ask 'for what' -- you had to have arranged this."

John dropped a kiss on the top of Rodney's head, "Then you're welcome. Sleep, wait 'til you see what I have planned for tomorrow."
Tags: author: goddess47, challenge: 13 - valentine, genre: fluff, pairing: john/rodney, rating: g

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