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Challenge 14: Writing on the Wall (R)

Title: Writing on the Wall

Author: goddess47

Rating: R - mostly for swears

Warnings/Spoilers: None - Future!Fic

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Summary: For the McSheplets Challenge: Geek

John's "Rodney, got a minute?" had him moving without thought.

It wasn't the words as much as what John wasn't saying. In the beginning, that phrase mostly meant "Rodney, this is so cool, you have to see this" where John had found a new Ancient toy or had a something that he wanted to share with Rodney. John had taken such joy in sharing what they found that Rodney couldn't resist the boyish eagerness and it had turned them into fast friends.

When Rodney was working in the labs late at night, it meant, "Rodney, you're working too hard and need a break -- let's get something to eat" and had Rodney shutting down whatever experiment he was working on and leaving the lab. Taking care of each other soon became as natural as breathing and friendship progressed into something more... something that was too precious and fragile to even think about in the beginning.

Between missions, when there were no Wraith cruisers hanging above the city, it sometimes translated to "Rodney, I'm bored, let's do something" although in the past few years it really meant "Rodney, I'm bored, come fuck me" which it didn't take much to talk Rodney into doing. Time had cemented the relationship -- it had flourished and matured and become all-encompassing.

This... this he hadn't heard in a long time. It was the "Rodney, I need you to fix this right now before it blows up and kills us all" tone that John hadn't used in years. They had retired from field work almost ten years ago and had moved away from Earth to keep their privacy after the declassification of the Stargate project and the Atlantis expedition. The Earth media turned their lives into a circus -- which he suspected was General Jack O'Neill's fault because he never saw SG-1 suffering from quite the same level of media obsession -- and while they visited Earth regularly, they had to work hard to keep it low-key.

Rodney burst into the room they used as an office-cum-laboratory and found John sitting in a chair staring at something that he had written on the wall. When Rodney demanded, "What's going on?" John just waved a hand around the room. Rodney finally looked and John had written on all the walls and a couple of the smart walls had tabs that meant there were layers underneath.

"What?" Rodney demanded again, glaring at John for scaring him half to death but relaxing now that he was pretty sure no one was going to die in the next five minutes.

John looked dazed and pointed, "Ummm.. start there..." He indicated one of the free-standing boards they had for casual work. Even with all the computing power they had at their fingertips there was still something satisfying about physically writing things down.

"John?" Rodney asked curiously.

"I.... I don't want to spoil it..." John stuttered.

"Okay," Rodney replied and walked over to the board John had indicated, looking at the math John had there. One of the first things Rodney had done when they had retired was make... well, there really was no making John do anything... coaxing John into studying for his doctorate in Mathematics. John's casual interest turned into a passion for non-Euclidian geometry and they both were in high demand for consultation -- in two galaxies. He started reviewing the proof on the board......

Rodney stretched to get the crick out of his neck when he finally surfaced enough to realize a good couple of hours must have passed. He blinked to re-focus his eyes and found John still sitting in the same chair but now with a lunatic grin on his face.

"Well?" John asked.

"Fuck," was the best Rodney could come up with.

"Does it work?"

Rodney had to stop to breathe. "Do you know what you've done here?" he demanded. John's smile only became larger. Rodney rolled his eyes. "Of course you do." He skimmed through the material again and then pointed, "There. That. You got that from the Asgard database, didn't you?"

John nodded as he got up to stand next to Rodney and asked again, "Does it work?"

"That'll take more than a quick glance to decide, but, yes, I think it'll work," Rodney had to admit. He put his hand on the back of John's neck, drew him in for a soft kiss. John put his arms around Rodney and the kiss became deeper, hotter....

"You and Radek did the hard work, you know," John whispered in his lips. "The two of you figured out how to recharge a ZPM. I just took what you did and extended it."

Rodney had a moment's jealousy but it passed. This was John and he was so proud and, besides, it was hot. "But you... you figured out how to build one."
Tags: author: goddess47, challenge: 14 - geek, pairing: john/rodney, rating: r

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