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McSheplings, up for adoption - fortnight 238

This is your bi-weekly post for plot bunnies, prompts, requests for John/Rodney fanfic. (As always Hewligan and Joe/David are welcome too.)

What you consider a McShepling is up to you. It could be a very detailed plot outline of a fic you're never going to write, or it could be a one word prompt (make it a good word though ;). Requests for specific clichés or tropes are welcome too (as in "I'd love to see more Pretending to be married fics, e.g. where ...").

How to give up your McShepling for adoption:

  • Comment to this entry with the McShepling(s) you'd like to give up for adoption

  • Please use a subject for your comment. If applicable mention warnings/content notes or that it's Hewligan or Joe/David or if the McShepling itself is rated for adults (i.e. your description of the idea contains graphic sex or violence). Examples: "The Shrine tag" or "Middle Ages AU" or "Jeeves and Wooster crossover" or "The one where they're a screwdriver and a screw" or "Ancient Sex potion (NC-17)" or "Sick Rodney (character death)" or "Joe and David at a con (RPS)" or "Jungle Adventure (Hewligan: Brendan/Emmett)"

  • You're encouraged to post each McShepling in its own comment

Everyone is encouraged to comment on ideas they like and of course to adopt. If you are inspired to write a fic, please give credit for the McShepling (prompt, plot bunny, idea) and it would be nice if you could comment on the McShepling with a link to your fic so that it can be found and petted :)

You can also check out the great ideas that were previously posted.
Tags: mod, writing: prompts/ideas/requests

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