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Challenge #1: First

There's only one first, so your first challenge is "first".

What did John think when he first saw Rodney? When did Rodney first realize he loved John, or wanted him, or didn't find him as annoying as he should? There's always their first time of course. First hand job, blow job... And let's not forget the first kiss. Stumbling? Sweet? Hard? Desperate? By accident? In grief? Who initiates it and how does the other react?

Or you could tell us about general firsts and how they relate to John/Rodney. Does Rodney remind John of the first time he flew? Is John as confusing to Rodney as the first time he didn't know the answer to a question?

Or maybe you'd like to write about David first meeting his new co-star or Brendan seeing Emmett with Betty for the first time.

Challenge closes September 10th 2007. Have fun!

If you have ideas for the next prompt, please post them here.