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A John/Rodney writing community

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McSheplets - A John/Rodney writing community
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Welcome to McSheplets!

Ficlets. Inspiration. Feedback.

We hope you'll find all of this and more here. All John/Rodney, all the time. Unless it's Joe/David or Hewligan.

This is a drabbles community with a twist. On top of John/Rodney drabbles (and other ficlets), we're here to give writers inspiration and support. Also there's a bi-weekly challenge.

The Rules:

Primary pairing should be John/Rodney.

Threesomes and other moresomes are okay, too, as are additional pairings (het or slash). Pre-slash is fine. (For the sake of simplicity I'll define any friendship story that isn't explicity non-slash as pre-slash: John and Rodney playing a prank on Elizabeth is okay; John setting up Rodney with Katie Brown is not, unless there is pining ;)

Additionally I'll allow Joe/David RPS and other Hewligan fic (e.g. Brendan/Emmett), but those need to be clearly labeled (in the post itself and the title of the post). I don't expect much of it posted here (although I'd love to see your Joe/David snippets :) and as such challenges might be geared specifically towards John/Rodney, although you can write Hewligan/RPS from them.

On topic are:
  • Drabbles. Ficlets. Snippets. (I don't want to impose a number here, but if it's longer than 500 words, you are encouraged to post to mckay_sheppard; exceptions might be snippets that you're not sure you'll finish)

  • Challenge answers (for challenge answers any length is fine)

  • Prompts, plot bunnies, ideas, requests for fanfic. If you have more than one, please post them in one entry and not separately.

  • Requests for beta reader(s) (FYI: sga_beta provides a list of beta readers), request for feedback on a fic/idea, questions pertaining to writing John/Rodney (or Joe/David or Hewligan)

  • Announcements of challenges, ficathons, comment fests

The bi-weekly challenge:
  • There will be a new prompt every two weeks. New challenges will be posted on Mondays.

  • You are encouraged to write a short piece up to 500 words from the prompt. (However the length will not be policed.)

  • Please link to this community when you post your challenge answer elsewhere, so that people can find us :)

  • I will post a reminder and a poll for the next challenge topic a couple of days before the challenge ends.
This is modeled after sga_flashfic, a general SGA challenge community, which you should definitely check out if you're looking for inspiration.

Note: The challenge is only meant as additional inspiration. Please continue to post non-challenge drabbles, prompts, etc.

How to post:
  • Use titles. E.g. "Drabble: Making out, PG" or "Writing: Problem with my Pining!John/Straight!Rodney epic" or "Request: WWII AU"

  • Use an lj-cut for the fic itself (and for prompts/requests if they're longish)

  • Instead of posting here, you can link to your website/LJ

  • Tag appropriately. Use all tags that apply. Details can be found here.

  • Full headers are not necessary, but you can use them.
    However do use headers for the following when applicable:
    - Warnings/content notes: character death, non-con/rape, incest, torture, BDSM, etc. For fics: if you'd rather not spoil people, put it below the drabble, but provide a separate lj-cut to it for easy access (and make a note that the warning is below the fic for people who've been linked to it from elsewhere).
    - R/NC-17/Mature/NSFW (Not safe for work) posts
    - Threesomes and other pairings
    - RPS and Hewligan
    - Spoilers

There is a Questions and Answers post, if you have a question or comment.

For your general John/Rodney needs: mckay_sheppard (Fics, art, icons, discussion, vids...)

This community was inspired by spark_daily. If you're a fan of John/Elizabeth, too, be sure to check it out.

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